Those who enter the Steak Home in Florence, in the core of Santa Croce district, cannot have any doubt: given its appearante, the restaurant makes you think of a “temple” dedicated to Dry Aged Steak. In the rear part of the room, specially built cells with characteristics necessary to obtain perfect Dry Aging maturation, steaks reach their ideal maturation after about 2 to 4 or even more weeks (for instance, in the case of Gran Riserva it takes 8). And, once they have reached maturity, they remain beautifully displayed in the striking and spectacular exposed cell that welcomes guests as soon as they get through the entrance door. The dual purpose of the restaurant is, on the one hand, to spread the knowledge regarding Dry Aged Steak, which is subjected to a process of natural maturation obtained through the use of highly advanced technologies; and on the other hand, to warmly greet guests and put them at ease, making them feel at home. For this reason, the visual impact created by the display cell is counterbalanced by an elegant yet simple and sober environment. Natural wood, aged metal, neutral walls; all enhanced by a clear and caressing light. Table and counter service is impeccable as well as friendly.To summarize, also the furniture of Steak Home looks like the House of Steak, in the heart of the city where, in all probability, steak was born.

We are looking for a new location. Great news coming soon, stay tuned!


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