Just as Steak Home has combined an ancient method with modern technology to develop the Dry Aging method, the location inside NH Collection Palazzo Gaddi in 2022 – 2024 merged modernity and history in a unique way. The 5-star hotel is located in a historic 16th-century Palace, two minutes from Santa Maria Novella, and it is surrounded by the Renaissance beauty of Florence. Inside the Palace, which was the residence of the famous English author John Milton, there are noble halls in Florentine Baroque style and a majestic staircase housing the sculpture Resting Hercules, attributed to the sculptor Gioacchino Fortini. Marvellous frescoes by famous painters such as Ranieri del Pace and Luca Giordano are also present.

In Florence, where Fiorentina steak was born, Steak Home has brought its artisanal Dry Aging method, but also a Tuscan-speaking menu that comes to life from our deep love for Tuscany.

The undisputed Queen is still her, the Steak, but Tuscany is so much more, for this reason we decided to tell its story also through traditional dishes and top quality products with one common denominator: Time.

A Tuscan-speaking menu that will let you Feel the Tuscany.

See you soon!

Temporarily closed and looking for a new location. See you soon!

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